• Start today! Pre-start: character creation in 1 hour
    NOVEMBER 30, 2018

    You can create character: will be available 1 hours before opening.

    Opening time:

    12:00 (gmt -3) Argentina, Brasil

    16:00 (gmt +1) Poland, Germany, Spain

    17:00 (gmt+2) Lithuania, Greece, Ukrain - main server time

    18:00 (gmt+3) Moscow

  • New Interlude X300 - 30 November!
    NOVEMBER 30, 2018

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    According to the old winter custom, OFF-Like Interlude X300.
    Huge fan base + 1.000 Euro for advertisment and attracting new users!
    Grand Opening - November 30, 2018.

    Check Server Information

  • Exillium X300: FIRST CASTLE SIEGES
    NOVEMBER 30, 2018
    Dear players! This weekend we will give a prize of 100 Euro and TOD to the Aden Castle winner, we know is not a high amount of money but we will try our best, along that 100 Euro we will giveaway 2000 Tears of Devotion equivalent to 200 Euro.